A rush to fill the power vacuum

By Congressman Darrell Issa  |  WashingtonTimes.com For every nuanced policy argument over isolationism versus interventionism, the unavoidable truth — however unpleasant it may be — is this: If the United States is not the world’s foremost power, someone else will be. And the story of the Obama administration’s foreign policy doctrine consists of example after […]

GOP questions constitutionality of Internet domain transition

By Mario Trujillo | TheHill.com Leaders of the Judiciary committees in Congress are questioning whether the Obama administration’s decision to give up oversight of parts of the Internet address system is unconstitutional. The GOP lawmakers on Monday asked the Government Accountability Office to explore whether the handoff is allowed to take place without Congress’s approval. They expressed […]

Can the next president be transparent if s/he tries?

By Zach Noble | FCW.com …Issa pointed to the labor-intensive “human nightmare” surrounding government responses to Freedom of Information Act requests, in which federal workers manually search for and redact sensitive documents. The public, as well as beleaguered civil servants, would be far better served by searchable databases, he said. He also blamed the IRS […]

Clinton ripped for ‘outsider’ candidate claim

FoxNews.com Hillary Clinton is getting ripped for trying to claim “outsider” status in the presidential race, with Republicans pointing to her nearly four decades in politics. “Hillary is the ultimate insider,” Tennessee Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn told Fox News on Monday night. “We’re talking about a woman that hasn’t driven a car in over 26 […]

California reaps bitter harvest of environmental extremism

  By Darrell Issa | OCRegister.com California has always prided itself on setting an example for the nation. From its early Gold Rush days, through the rise of its tech industry and the Silicon Valley, the Golden State has repeatedly positioned itself on the cutting edge of the next significant undertaking in American society. Today, […]

Federal Debt Held by the Public Totals $107,000 Per Household

BY: Ali Meyer | freebeacon.com The federal debt held by the public totals more than $13 trillion, or about $107,000 per household in the United States, according to a report released this month by the Cato Institute. The report, titled “Washington’s Largest Monument: Government Debt,” suggests that growing debt, which has doubled over the past seven years, poses […]

Remembering 9/11: “We must never forget that day”

cbsnews.com NEW YORK — Sept. 11 victims’ relatives marked the anniversary of the terror attacks Friday in a subdued gathering at ground zero, saying their determination to commemorate their loss publicly hadn’t dimmed even as 14 years have passed and crowds at the ceremony have thinned. Hundreds of victims’ relatives – fewer than thronged the observances […]

Why Hillary Clinton apologized

By: Philip Bump | The Washington Post Over the past 30 days, people searching for information about Hillary Clinton on Google have been most likely to simply type in “hillary.” Then, “clinton.” Then, after some misspellings and some overlap with Donald Trump, people are most interested in learning about “hillary email” or “clinton email” or “hillary clinton […]

Deputy AG: Use of ‘stingrays’ must be spelled out

By:  Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — In most cases, federal law enforcement officials must now obtain search warrants to deploy controversial cellphone tracking systems that have been widely used, though rarely disclosed, across the country. A seven-page memo issued Thursday by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates requires that the proposed use of the cell-site simulator device, commonly known as […]