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The Latest False Ads? Get The Truth.

Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC is out with a new ad attacking Congressman Darrell Issa, but apparently they failed to fact-check before publishing the video.

“Clearly, the Democrats have reached a point of desperation in this race if their only strategy is to blatantly ignore the facts to spin a false narrative,” said Issa campaign spokesman Calvin Moore. “Only far-left liberals would think working in Congress automatically grants a Member success and financial security. If nothing else, Congressman Issa is well-known for holding all those in government, including himself and his colleagues, accountable to American taxpayers in addition to having achieved entrepreneurial success long before working as a public servant.”

Fiction: Congressman Darrell Issa used millions of taxpayer dollars to benefit his own business.

The Truth: It’s a well-known fact that Darrell Issa is a successful entrepreneur who was lucky to achieve success long before coming to congress. He ran for Congress several years after he grew a southern California business from the ground up to employ hundreds of people in the region.

Congressman Issa has spent his entire career fighting for transparent and open government. He has spent the last 16 years working to hold the people at the top levels of government accountable to taxpayers because he believes the government should work for the people – not the other way around.

As Forbes contributor Greg Autry said this week, “As a young entrepreneur Issa made his mark in consumer and auto electronics. He nearly singlehandedly built the car alarm business in both the OEM and retail channels. Ford, Toyota, BMW, GM all integrated products from Steal Stopper, a firm Issa acquired and rescued from insolvency. He then built the famous Viper alarm which used Issa’s voice to warn 1980s car thieves to ‘step away from the car.’ As a member of Congress, Issa remembers the roots of his success and has remained the champion of entrepreneurs and technologists. He has worked hard, taken risks and crossed party lines to do the right thing for America’s future.”

Fiction: Congressman Darrell Issa voted himself 13 taxpayer-funded pay raises

The Truth: Just a few weeks ago (HR 5325) Congressman Issa voted to prohibit a pay raise for Members of Congress and to maintain the pay freeze that has been in place since 2010. Since Republicans took control of the House in 2011, the House of Representatives has cut its own funding by 13 percent.

Since Darrell Issa was first sworn into Congress, Members of Congress have lowered their annual salary almost consistently. The real value of Members of Congress’s salaries has declined since Congressman Issa came to Washington in 2000. Members of Congress have not received a pay raise since 2009, when it was increased just 2.8 percent. The last pay increase? It was passed by Speaker Pelosi — the same person hypocritically attacking and distorting Congressman Issa’s record.


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