Solving The Syrian Refugee Crisis Will Require American Leadership

Solving The Syrian Refugee Crisis Will Require American Leadership

By Congressman Darrell Issa | HuffingtonPost.com

The world was shaken as images poured out of the latest chemical attacks on Syria.

Heartbreaking photos, like that of Abdel Hameed al-Youseefl, a young husband and father covered in sweat and tears, clutching the bodies of his twin daughters poisoned in the attacks, have awakened the world once again to the nightmare that those living under Assad’s brutal regime are forced to live every day.

This week, I had the opportunity to see the impact of the crisis first-hand. I travelled to Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt with a bipartisan Congressional delegation to meet with displaced families from war-torn Syria and to better understand the destabilizing factors plaguing the region.

After talking with mothers, fathers, teachers, refugees, local officials and others along the way, it’s become clear that if the cycle of violence is going to be ended ― and stability restored for the long-haul ― American leadership is going to be crucial…

…The key to a long-term solution is ending the violence and fear forcing people from their homes in the first place.

Solving this for the long-term starts with taking a strong stand against both Syrian President Assad and the brutal mutiny being committed against his own people. President Obama’s unwillingness to take a stand or develop a clear plan has only allowed the violence in Syria to grow worse.

President Trump was right to hold Assad accountable with swift missile strikes, but our response cannot end there. We must present a clear and strategic plan focused on both effective humanitarian outreach and in securing our national security interests in the region, if we want to be successful in a way that’s lasting.

It also means making defeating ISIS our number one priority. …read more…